Stop Rugs Moving and Slipping - Guaranteed

Works on all hard floors and carpets

Cybergold - Rug Control™ - Sprays and Underlays
Number One in Non-Slip

Cybergold has been producing rug-grip technology since 1997. Our products span a range from spray-on products to underlays.


Rug Control™ sprays in 'Standard' and 'Super Strength'. Different situations require different types of product, from the standard spray, to the more robust and stronger super strength. Just spray the back of your rug and allow to dry then it will not slip or slide but you can still lift your rug to vacuum and then relay. Click here for product information.


Rug Control™ underlay for an instant solution just cut to size and lay under your rug. Available in different thicknesses and the NEW SUPERLUX with outstanding durability, underlays to suit all needs, in pre-cut sizes and rolls. Click Products bar on left to see more. Click here for product information.

Cleaning Products for the Householder and Professionals

We produce a very effective Stain Remover for rugs, upholstery, curtains and general household fabrics including clothing. We also produce a Carpet Area Cleaner for large heavily soiled traffic areas.

The Cybergold Range

Rug Control™ sprays and Rug Control™ underlays have been designed to provide you with a fast and effective solution to all your rug and carpet slip problems.

Cybergold. The Leading Name in Patented Rug Anti Slip Products.